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Skilled Hampton Lawyers Facilitate Adoptions for Virginia Families

Authoritative and compassionate counsel for prospective parents

Adoption enriches the lives of children and parents alike, but the legal requirements associated with establishing parental rights can be daunting. The Haven Law Group, P.C. has helped families throughout Virginia adopt the children of their choice for nearly 10 years, guiding them through the adoption process with compassion and skill. Whether you’re looking to complete the adoption of a child you have been fostering, are interested in adopting a relative, or are seeking to adopt a child from another country, our lawyers provide the experienced representation you need. We never forget the responsibility or emotion that is a part of every adoption. That’s why we work tirelessly for a resolution that allows parents to expand their families so they and their children can grow and thrive together.

Attorneys providing knowledgeable advice on domestic adoptions

Whether you’re looking to become the legal parent to a youth you already know, like a foster child, or seeking another child who needs a home, the Haven Law Group, P.C. can assist with requirements such as:

  • Interviews — As part of the home study, each member of the household must be interviewed, including children who are already part of the family. One interview must occur in the home to determine whether the environment is safe and supportive.
  • Financial and work review — Your employment history and ability to support the child financially are analyzed by a certified home study provider.
  • Health requirements — Prospective parents must provide proof from a physician attesting to their physical and mental health.

For any questions you may have on the adoption process before making a commitment, the attorneys of the Haven Law Group, P.C. provide a free initial consultation.

Dedicated advocates for international adoptions

People choose to adopt a child from another country for various reasons. If you wish to start the international adoption process, the Haven Law Group, P.C. can ensure that the agency you work with meets Virginia’s legal requirements. We also can explain the written and unwritten rules that apply in the country of the child you wish to adopt. Each nation has its own laws for adoptions and standards of documentation. Our lawyers will explain the legal landscape in the countries you’re considering adopting a child from so that you can make an informed decision and proceed with confidence.

Enabling Hampton Roads families to adopt privately

In a private adoption, since agencies are not involved, your attorney works to help both the birth parents and you, the adoptive parents, resolve important issues. Whether the child is born in Virginia or another state, we can ensure compliance with local laws and the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. At each stage of a private adoption, a Haven Law Group, P.C. attorney will act as a dedicated advocate to handle issues such as the home study review, medical and other costs, and the transfer of legal rights.

Contact an experienced Virginia adoption attorney for a free initial consultation

The Haven Law Group, P.C. represents Virginians who are seeking to add to their families by adopting a child. Please call 757-637-0854 or contact us online for a free initial consultation at our Hampton office.

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